Posted by: stockscooter | February 16, 2012


Republicanism is the ideology of governing a nation as a republic, where the head of state is appointed by means other than heredity, often elections.  Republicanism {is supported over} pure democracy on the grounds that the latter is the unrestricted rule of the majority, unrestrained by law.

I took this definition excerpt from wikipedia.  Does this bring any thoughts or questions to mind about the United States of America?  It does for me.  It seems all I ever hear about politically lately, is that this country is a Democracy.  Why is this great nation so stuck on the democracy side of the coin?  For example, we want to instill democracies in other countries, after we war with them.  We talk about changing the constitution because this is a democracy, by the people, for the people, of the people, etc.  My problem is that we are a Republic, too!

It seems that if the ‘powers that be’ sell us on just being a democracy, they then can change anything they please.  They are unrestrained by law and by unrestricted rule to do anything they want, like taking away the rights of citizens.  When you put “Republic” into the Constitution with an equal weighting, I believe there is responsibility on the masses (on each one of us), which you don’t have in just a democracy.   Having just a democracy is inclined to socialism, which we are now seeing.  If the foundation of your country is laid upon letting the masses get what they want as in a democracy, greed will ultimately bring-down that house of cards.  Putting the responsibility into the hands of the public, as  in a Republic, is a whole different story.  In a Republic, you have freedoms and along with freedom you have responsibility.  Who do you know today that is taking responsibility for anything? It seems as though we have an apathetic public lately, who don’t care about anything or anybody, other than themselves. In a true Republic, no longer would there be hand-outs and financial dependency on the government.  The responsibility would be in our hands, because we take ownership. Are all those, receiving entitlements today, bearing their own responsibility to provide for themselves and their families?  Unfortunately, this dependence seems to have become a cultural norm for some.  It’s far from Independence, which is the true foundation of this country.

I believe that the combination of these two ideologies, Republic and Democracy, is what has made the United States the greatest nation, ever.  If you limit either one, you are no longer… “United” in your direction.


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