Posted by: stockscooter | March 22, 2012

Treasury Bond Rates Initiate

As my last post indicated, interest rates were poised to move upward.  The final indicator confirmed, which we were anticipating and we got the move.  All short-term indicators confirmed upward direction on rates.  You will also notice the break-out of the tightly constricted bollinger bands, in black on the price chart.  They have released their volatility.  Also signifying the strength in this move is the  trend indicator, which is circled in blue, on the bottom window.  It is up and about to break-out of oversold.  It has done this with a gap in the indicator, which also implies strength in the trend.  Compare this to my previous post, to see the change in this indicator. Further upside should be expected longer-term, as trend becomes more important than the short-term oscillations. Be alert for the short-term shaking of the tree, because “the powers that be” don’t want you to participate in this move.  They want to shake you out. The returns on this initial move were stellar.  Review “Oil Well Strategy” on my website, to see how to continue to profit from this move in interest rates.


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