Posted by: stockscooter | April 19, 2012

What Am I Buying?

Yesterday, I got talking to a new acquaintance who was well versed in the markets.  We had a great time sharing ideas.  After much technical and fundamental conversation, especially about Apple stock’s high valuation, he asked me,”Are you shorting Apple?”   In my 25 plus year investment career, I’ve often had that question poised to me.  And I realized that since I talk about Apple on my blog, I need to let my viewers know what I do.

Primarily, I trade ETF’s.  I have technical models built that trade the U.S. Treasury Bond, for clients that want low volatility and constant small gain trades, as their goal.  I also trade inter-market sectors and industries, using ETF’s, because of their diversification in those areas.  These are usually swing trades or position trades that have a longer life cycle.  Lastly, I build portfolios of low correlation asset classes, which are structured for risk return dynamics. This is so clients don’t experience any market surprises from market volatility. If you go to my website (, I discuss these strategies in length.

I’ve talked a lot about Apple stock because I believe it’s indicative of the sentiment of the markets.  It could have a great impact on market direction.  When stocks fall, they fall quickly.  If Apple falls from these dizzying heights, the markets could be very well punished, also.

So remember, just because I’m sharing informative information on a specific stock, doesn’t mean you are supposed to go out there and trade it!  Always do your own due diligence  on your investments and realize your financial circumstance is different from everybody else.  Even if Apple stock is a great short, that doesn’t mean it fits your personal risk tolerance or financial circumstance.  These blog comments are general in nature and not designed for any one’s individual need.  If you need help and personal advice with your investments, call me at (817)312-4851.  I would be honored to help.


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