Posted by: stockscooter | May 31, 2012

Why the Gap?

You have to ask yourself, “Why the Gap?”  On the 29th, nearing the end of the month, where closing prices become more important for long-term charts, why did the “Powers that Be” gap the market up?  Was there so much incredible demand?  Were fundamentals that wonderful?  The answer is  a resounding no.    After the shorts covered during the next few minutes, there was no follow through.  So why did it need to gap?  There’s only one reason.  The “Powers that Be” can manipulate the markets.  When there is a double triangle, as seen on the chart, the market should have opened at the previous close and charged upward  and out of the top of the triangle, if there truly was a powerful bid.  The markets had and have no power to do so, that’s why they have to manipulate it with artificial strength.  They are there to take advantage, and they have a license to do so. I warned of this type of volatility in my last post and I reiterate it again.  Be careful out there.


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