Posted by: stockscooter | June 13, 2012

Flash Crash Time

The chart below is a weekly chart of the S&P 500.  Frequency modulation shows larger frequencies (light blue circles) in line for down trend and my first-to-turn oscillator ready to correct downward (yellow circle).  On the price chart, my proprietary moving averages have turned negative 7 weeks ago and is confirmed by my other proprietary reverse mirror indicator.

This is the area for quick corrections to the down side.  This is not news driven like most people are groomed to believe.  This is frequency driven.  The news comes out after, as if they have an explanation for it.  Don’t believe it.  These are just natural pricing frequencies.  You can read about it on my website  Use caution trading these current markets.  Probabilities for a large volatile breakout is quite high, over the next couple weeks.  Also, probabilities increase for a downside breakout as we near the end of the week, if we are at this price or lower.


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