Posted by: stockscooter | June 21, 2012

Flash Crash Time-Update

You heard it here first in my original “Flash Crash Time” post.  And  it has begun.  That’s right, it’s not over.  Now Goldman Sachs must be reading this blog because they too are now calling for a crash.  A little late, wouldn’t you say?  They’re pegging 1285 on the S&P 500.  If the initial momentum continues down on Friday and Monday, the low may exceed Goldman’s prediction.  So far, as the chart shows, it’s been straight down with no significant upside corrections.  Not a good sign, unless you’re shorting.:)

So what is causing this correction?  What news is out?  Nothing of significance from what I see.  However, I also don’t believe news moves markets-Sorry, CNBC watchers!  My forecast is based upon my work with inter-market analysis.  Remember my post, “Time for a Turn?”  That’s what’s causing this correction.  Rates are about to go up and that’s whats stirring the equity markets, in anticipation of the event.  As my Father-In-Law would say,”You just hide and watch!”


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