Posted by: stockscooter | August 15, 2012

Waiting for Better Days?

Calling a turn in the TIPS market, like I did this month is a big deal, because it’s such a low standard deviation and liquid market, large amounts of cash can be deployed.  Could you imagine if you made 2.16% on $1,000,000 in just 10 days?  That’s $21,600, which is more than what C.D. holders make all year long.  That rate of return is twice what venture capitalists look to make on their holdings!  That’s why this market call stands-out, and is a big deal.

For other plays that are more speculative, like dealing in individual stocks, less money should be deployed, depending upon your individual financial means, yet major returns can still be made.  When I posted about the coming icrash in AAPL stock, I also brought to light the end of the advance for Priceline (PCLN).  Let’s take a look at what PCLN did since my analysis of April 10th, 2012, about 4 months ago.

My comments about shorting this stock were mentioned at a price of $772.51.  4 months later on August 10th, 2012 it traded at $555.95.  That’s a drop of over $216 per share.  Let me show you the chart.

So if you shorted 100 shares, you would be $21,656 richer in 4 months.  Or shorting 1000 shares would make you $216,560 richer in just 4 months.

Why do I share this with you?  Well, there are many pundits that say you can’t beat the market.  Well, I am here to prove them wrong.  I’ve nailed Apple,  Priceline and TIPS, right here on this public blog.  There are many more that I haven’t mentioned as well.  I hope this gives you incentive to achieve great levels of returns in your investing, even though the current mass psychology of investors is to run and hide.  Money can be made any day of the week, no matter the economic news of that day. Being able to go “Long” or “Short”, will help you to profit, while others wait for better days.


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