Posted by: stockscooter | November 13, 2012


This is a review of my last post, for those of you that want to see my work “live” and in progress.  I am copying this excerpt of my September 18th post.  My calculation was for a high of 1484, per wave theory.  What we got was a high of 1474, per the markets.  If you review everything I wrote, you will see everything is performing accordingly.

Sept 18, 2012

This next chart has added indicators.  The bottom frame with the black circle has a light blue oscillator peaking.  However, when it peaks simultaneously with the green trend line, AND the green trend line is lifting upward in the overbought area, this indicates a massive upside blow-off top.  Again, these are monthly charts, ergo the top may come over the next 6-8 weeks, prior to the election.   Also of note, the last C wave is finishing it’s last 5th wave.  According to Elliott wave theory, 1484 is the top of the preferred count for this entire correction since March 2009.

The green arrow below marks the point of my previous post, prior to the correction.


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